We create appealing, functional business spaces that reflect your brand's personality, where customers will look forward to spending time in and employees will take pride in.

Space Planning

How much square footage do I need?  Where should I place furniture, equipment and staff stations for top productivity?  Where should I put my ordering counter to reduce lines?  How much storage space should I set aside for inventory?

We'll help plan the layout for your space to include necessary equipment, the optimal amount of furniture, and the flow that'll make sense during business operations.

Interior Design

What colors will set the right ambiance?  Should I use benches or chairs?  What flooring material will look great and still be durable and easy to clean?  How can I make a large open space feel cozy to my guests?

We'll work with the natural features of your space, and help select colors, finishes, furniture and fixtures that'll appeal to your target customers, help set you apart from competitors, optimize for durability and fit within your budget.  By creating welcoming, functional spaces with the right atmosphere and personality that really bring your brand to life -- your customers will go out of their way to come to your business, stay longer, and return again-and-again.

Interior Decorating

What decorative items should I buy?  Where can I get the best prices?  How can I make my business creatively stand-out, without going overboard?

We provide full-service shopping and interior decorating services, to complete your interior design and take your space from 'sterile' to 'charismatic'.  Depending on your type of business, this could include wall art, window coverings, rugs, pillows, accents, linens, and floral/greenery.  And depending on your aesthetic, we'll balance 'the new' with unique vintage and/or handmade pieces.  With extensive knowledge of where to shop, and what prices are reasonable, we can save you a ton of time and guesswork, while delivering the perfect finishing touches.

Menu Board Design

For cafes and restaurants with counter-style ordering -- your menu is part of your customer's visual experience, and is effectively how they're "shopping" for your products.  

We'll design menu boards that fit with your brand's personality, and work best for your budget and business needs.  We ensure that your menu is organized in a way that maximizes sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction with their experience.  

We can work with any medium, from digital menu screens to chalkboards to interchangeable panels.  

Store Signage

Your exterior signs are your permanent billboards -- but they can't do their job if they aren't designed intentionally.

From handcrafted wood, to industrial metal, to vintage neon -- and many more styles -- whether you want your small business to have a unique, local vibe, or a more professional appearance, we'll work with you to design your signage to fit your brand's personality.


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