A critical first step -- we'll help you define "who you are", how you want to be seen, and why customers will choose you over the competition.

Local Landscape Analysis

Before crafting your strategy, its important to first know what the local market already looks like.  Plus, you can learn a lot by observing your competitors and their customers.


We'll conduct an assessment of the local area including competitors, demographics, industry trends, and consumer preferences to help inform your brand strategy and positioning. 

Brand Identity Workshop

You can't be everything to everyone.  We'll help you define your target audience, hone the personality and image you want for your brand (how you want to be seen) and clarify why customers will choose you over your competition (what you want to be known for).


End up with a 'north star' -- your brand strategy will guide the way for the visual design of your brand, as well as all your future operating decisions.  

Marketing Strategy

When it comes to getting the word out -- there's no magic bullet.  Different solutions will work for some businesses, but won't be the right approach for others.  

We'll focus in on your target customer personas, discuss various marketing tactics and guide you on where to focus, as well as strategies for aligning your marketing approach with your brand image to resonate with your intended audience.

Ad Hoc Strategy Consulting

Other ways we can help include:

  • Early stage guidance - for entrepreneurs who want to start a business, but are fuzzy on the details, or just don't know where to focus; we'll help vet your ideas so you can get crystal clear on your direction.

  • Struggling businesses - we'll help you identify what's not working, areas of improvement, and an action plan.

  • Stagnant businesses - we'll evaluate your current operations and identify where your biggest expansion opportunities lie.


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