Who is Craft?

We're called "Craft" because it has a few connotations, all of which are perfectly associated with what we do.  Craft can mean 'small batch', 'custom', or 'unique'.  Crafts are made by hand, usually requiring creativity.  And the verb 'to craft' means to thoughtfully create, with skill. 


We called ourselves "Business Builders" because we don't quite fit into a neat 'category' of business services.  Are we marketing?  Branding?  Interior design?  Consulting?  It doesn't matter; we're not that into labels anyway.  Our existence is based on the belief that when you're talking about launching a new location-based business, those things are all pieces of the same puzzle.

Why We Exist

We're a small firm started in 2019 -- owner Hilary leads and oversees all projects, and works with a select network of sub-contractors as-needed.  Hilary brings a unique background and an innate entrepreneurial-drive and enthusiasm that'll match your own. 

The startup phase is the fun part to us -- we just love designing, creating and starting small businesses.   We thrive on challenging, creative, complex projects, and feel that we can most help other entrepreneurs during the foundation-building phase.  It's what we're good at, and what gets us excited to leap out of bed in the morning. 

Why Us?

We know there are lots of talented marketing agencies, independent graphic designers, interior designers, builders, and business consultants out there.  But rather than complicate the startup process by hiring many separate service providers -- we offer a streamlined and more strategic solution. 

Craft helps position businesses to become their own best marketing tool.  By combining known consumer psychology, proven business tactics, local market analysis, creative design thinking and many other tricks up our sleeve -- we design compelling brands that your customers will love, remember, and spread the word about. 

And most importantly, we get it, because we've been there. 


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New Hampshire Seacoast

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