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Stand out from the crowd.  Own your niche.  Attract the right customers.  Create a buzz.

Craft Your Brand

Way more than a logo; your brand is everything people think and feel about your company.  So let's craft it, intentionally.

We're a New Hampshire-based consulting & design studio with expertise in helping local restaurant, retail, + lodging businesses stand out from the crowd and earn customer loyalty, 5-star reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing.  

Think "business strategist" meets "interior designer" meets "wedding planner" for your business -- in a nutshell, we're who you want by your side as you build out your location and get ready to launch your brand.  

Our Wheelhouse

Starting with a thoughtful strategy -- we craft the visual and experiential elements of your customer experiences that'll make your business loveable and memorable.

brand strategy

location design

product merchandising

visual brand design

"Before anything worthwhile can be built, it needs a strong foundation."

Chip Gaines

When to Work With Us

Startups -- Bring us in early in your planning phase; so we can take the guesswork out, and set you up for success from the start.  We'll be there with you -- from concept to launch.

Established businesses -- If your business could use re-energizing to be more competitive, we'll work with you to identify meaningful areas of improvement and create an action plan.

Get to Know Us

We're a little competitive, very detail-oriented, surprisingly budget-friendly and wildly creative.  Plus -- we get it, because we've been there.  We offer a unique perspective with startup & small business experience 'from the trenches' coupled with the best practices and insights from top Fortune 500 companies.

Authentic brands don’t emerge from advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does.” 

Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks

How We Work

We work with first-time business owners, serial entrepreneurs, and everyone in-between to bring your ideas to life, and create real value for the communities you serve.  We take on a variety of project scopes depending on your needs and budget -- but we're best leveraged when you make us an integral part of your startup phase; from concept-to-launch.

We like to start with a free consultation over the phone (or a cup of coffee), so we can learn more about your business vision and get to know one another.  If we seem like a good fit, we'll follow-up with a proposal and estimate for your consideration.

Client Testimonials

“I started with a million ideas and felt beyond overwhelmed with where to focus.  Hilary helped me define a brand strategy, organize and prioritize my ideas, and figure out how to present my brand in an intentional way to attract the type of clients I'm looking for.  Every time we meet, I leave feeling excited, motivated, and focused on what I need to do next."

— Kristyn, Founder & Owner of Souls On The Rise



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